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Give your class the opportunity to participate in a live, interactive experience between your students and a LEARNnco educator through video conferencing. LEARNnco programs are a perfect way to integrate STEM curriculum into your classroom.

These forty-minute sessions were developed using established National Science Standards as a framework for fun interaction! The programs are also correlated to the Ohio academic content standards. They present science concepts using hands on group explorations between the LEARNnco educator and your classroom. These learning modules complement classroom curriculums, and all sessions are personalized with the format adjusted according to the ages and ability levels of the participating sites.

Program Costs

- Sessions are $180 each for Grades 3 through 12
- Kindergarten through Grade 2 are $130 each

Request Programs Online
or through CILC

Includes Class Interaction Kits

- Teacher's Guide Module
- Outline Sample Hands-on Activities
- Group Exploration Materials for 30 students
- Post-event Extension Activities
- References and Resources

Physical Science Modules

Forces and Motion: Introduce your students to the forces of movement by performing experiments implementing Newton's Laws of Motion. OACS Alignment for this program
Electricity: Students will explore the concepts and principles of electricity. Activities to be do on like and unlike charges, current flow, conductors, static electricity, and parallel and series circuits.  OACS Alignment for this program
Energy: Find out the principles behind Energy and its many forms, none of which looks like Energy. OACS Alignment for this program
Matter Matters: Everything around us is Matter is one form or another. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the books we read, our bodies-all of these things consist of Matter. OACS Alignment for this program
Light Science: Light, Lasers, and Optical Illusions are used to describe the journey light takes from formation until it becomes an image in our brains.
Roller Coaster Physics: The fun of amusement park physics is revealed in this fun and exciting session. OACS Alignment for this program
Magnetism: This learning module will investigate, and discuss concepts of magnetism. Activities will be done on magnetic properties, magnets from magnetic substances, and electromagnetism. OACS Alignment for this program
Sound Science: Waves, vibrations, compressions, and rare fractions are all a part of this session discussing sound energy. OACS Alignment for this program
Simple Machines: Simple Machines make-work easier by using Mechanical Advantage. This session uses levers, pulleys, and inclined planes to show how.
Space Science: Space Science shows why it is necessary to have an understanding of Space before we attempt to travel in it.  OACS Alignment for this program

Life Science Modules

Nutritional Chemistry: Using foods like marshmallows, cereal, and Jell-O, this session explores how food provides our bodies with essential nutrients they need to build and maintain themselves.
Gross Science: Burps, farts, poop, pee, vomit, and boogers are part of this fun program studying the science behind some of the disgusting parts of the human body.
The Organ Systems of the Body: This session describes how the basic units of our bodies work together to form the internal working systems of the body. OACS Alignment for this progra

Earth Science Modules

Weather Science: Following this session, your class may be able to "forecast" the weather better than the 6 o'clock news. OACS Alignment for this program
Everyday Geology: Properties of minerals of rocks and minerals, the different types of rock, and the Earth's layers will be studied in this session. OACS Alignment for this program - Photo Gallery
Dinosaurs: Explore a variety of fossil replicas and animal artifacts as we help students understand how scientists learn about dinosaurs. Discover some of the things we may never know about dinosaurs! OACS Alignment for this program
Earthquakes and Volcanos: Students will be introduced to the forces of plate tectonics and its relationship to the formation of volcanoes and the occurrence of Earthquakes. OACS Alignment for this program

Mathematics Modules

Probability and Chance: Students explore probability or "chance" by observing the predictable and unpredictable outcomes associated with games of chance.


Reservation Information
To schedule a session or to find out more about the possibilities with Interactive Distance Learning and upcoming special events, please contact Andy Campbell via email or phone at
419.447.2927 ext 156 or
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