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Paraprofessionals/Student Attendants


Educational Paraprofessionals assist teachers in classrooms with monitoring students’ academic understanding, providing addition assistance with student focus.


Student Attendants are typically assigned to one student to assist with physical and/or behavioral needs. However, in order to decrease dependency, a student attendant can be asked to assist with other students in the classroom(s).


Behavior Aides assist with implementing Positive Behavior Supports; proactively addressing both positive and negative student behaviors, deescalating behaviors and help crisis intervention teams in managing an emergency situation. Behavior aides can be assigned more than one student throughout the day depending on the areas of need.




Provide educational services within the student’s school district


More cost effective than an out-of-district placement


Bus Aides provide additional monitoring and support on the bus. The bus aide can be assigned to monitor one or more students due to physical and/or behavioral needs of the students riding the bus.


Autism Aides provide classroom support for students with Autism. These aides are generally trained in ABA or a similar type program.


Health Attendants are licensed practical nurses (LPN) who provide support for students with significant health concerns that require a health attendant to be with the student throughout the school day. Health attendances are supervised by Health Consultants who are registered nurses (RN)



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