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North Central Ohio Educational Service Center provices services to districts to assist in the preparation of students taking state mandated assessments. Our consultants will provide both a comprehensive overview of and regular on-site, periodic professional development related to the assessments.  The professional development will include data analysis, lesson design, implementation guidance, lesson observation, and constructive feedback on the success of the instruction prior to assessment administration dates.


The services include an in-depth review of the State of Ohio Academic Content Standards and alignment to the assessments.


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  • Provide the most up-to-date information related to the State of Ohio assessments
  • Provide technical assistance to review the assessment questions and develop strategies to improve areas of weakness
  • Demonstrate and provide coaching strategies for preparing students to answer constructed or open-ended response questions in all tested areas
  • Provide administrative staff development and coaching in monitoring implentation of strategies and standards-based content
  • Provide instruction and monitoring opportunities for learning and implementing standards-based strategies that will lead to success on the assessments
  • Provide instruction and guided practice in constructing assessments that mirror the state assessments
  • Provide opportunities for school leadership to meet and share successful strategies for meeting assessment goals



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