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North Central Ohio ESC

Tiffin Campus

928 W. Market Street

Tiffin, OH  44883


Fax:  419-447-2825

Marion Campus

333 E. Center Street

Marion, OH  43302


Fax:  740-383-4804


School Pyschology


Conduct observations, assessments, BIPs and evaluations to meet the state and federal time requirements


Investigate and develop information about educational and mental health issues of children and the impact on their learning


Provide an in-depth knowledge regarding problem solving strategies and data collection


Work collaboratively with parents, educators and community-based professionals to meet student needs


Provide support in academic and behavioral interventions


Analyze RTI data


Provide special education consultation


Provide staff in-service training on specific topics


Gathers information to make informed special education decisions


Leads the evaluation team to ensure compliant evaluatoin paperwork


Trained as school psychologist with in-depth training in learning, behavior and educational needs


Participate/facilitate elgibility decisions


Knowledgeable of special education federal and state mandates





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