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Kendra Nelson, Seneca Gifted Supervisor
Ronda Uresti, Marion/Wyandot County Gifted Supervisor
Lindsay Felske, Consultant


Personnel in the area of Talented and Gifted Education provide identification and instructional programming for gifted students. Service is provided through challenging enrichment activities, in-class instruction, and special classes to meet the needs of the gifted child.


Talented and Gifted   Distance Learning
  • To deliver gifted services that enhance individual student growth and development for students, teachers, and families
  • To assist school personnel in identifying, selecting and providing services and guidance for students who are gifted
  • To provide quality gifted and talented education according to House Bill 282 and The Rule for Gifted Education (Ohio Dept. of Education)
  • To provide appropriate services for gifted students
  • To collaborate with school personnel to provide guidance for gifted students and parents
  • Linking families and teachers to community resources
  • Direct and support services for gifted and talented
  • Supervision of policy for House Bill 282
  • Teachers of Gifted and Talented Students
  • Support for teaching staff and administrators
  • Assist and test students for identification, selection, and placement
  • Inservice in Gifted Education
  • Staff inservices
  • Written Education Plans (WEP)
Services   Teachers
  • Resource room/pullout services
  • Intervention in cooperation with the regular classroom teacher-team teaching
  • Provide regular classroom teachers with information on servicing students in the regular classroom. This service is for students who are identified but not receiving any other service
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Mentorships
  • Men's and Women's Seminars
  • Staff Development
  • Share Fairs-for teachers to receive ideas for gifted students
  • Parent Brochures-PB1, PB2, PB3
  • Student Referral Form
  • Permission for Assessment
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Ohio Association for Gifted National Association for Gifted Children
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