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Administrative Networking

  • Provides presentations from educational agencies of community organizations that support school programs
  • Facilitates discussions regarding local, state, and federal educational mandates
  • Provides up-to-date information relative to educational topics
  • Provides an arena of discussion of instructional and behavioral strategies
  • Provides administrators a support network including other educational leaders

Bus Driver Services

  • Provides professional development to meet annual bus driver training requirements
  • Provides a list of approved medical facilities for annual physicals 
  • Submits requests to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for driver abstracts 
  • Updates database for tracking recertification
  • Submits a list of drivers for approval by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center Board of Governors 
  • Provides a list of approved drivers to school districts 
  • Provides "Certificates of Attendance" for bus driver training in-service
  • Reviews T-8 (physical) forms 

Contact Julie Carlyle for more information, 740-387-6625

Resident Educator Program

  • Click on the link above to go to the ODE website for more information on the Resident Educator Program
  • NCOESC offers professional development opportunities for this program.
  • Contact Dr. Kristi Graves for more information

Administrative Searches

  • Establishes criteria with the Board of Education to develop an outline for the search
  • Surveys district needs and establishes goals for the administrative search
  • Creates a strategy to inform possible candidates of the vacancy
  • Develops a marketing plan to recruit highly qualified candidates 
  • Contacts, screens, and schedules applicant interviews as appropriate
  • Informs all applicants of the status of the interview process as needed 
  • Develops interview questions in conjunction with the Board of Education
  • Conducts reference checks of candidates 

Contact Ms. Brenda Luhring, Superintendent/CEO, for more information 419-447-2927



BCI/FBI Background Checks

  • Provides districts with state-mandated criminal background checks for potential district employees
  • Reports can be electronically coded to be sent to the Ohio Department of Education
  • Results can be designated to be sent to the district or requesting agency

Contact Deb Karcher at the Tiffin Campus, 419-447-2927, or Julie Carlyle at the Marion Campus, 740-387-6625 for more information 

BCI/FBI Shopping Cart

Fiscal Services

  • Provides grant management/special project assistance
  • Provides fiscal-related consultation services
  • Provides fiscal agent services for programs/agencies
    Contact Lynette Cameron, 419-447-2927, for more information
  • Community School Treasurer Services
  • Community School EMIS Coordinator
    For Community Schools, contact Dawn Waddell, 740-387-6625, for more information

Attendance Officer (Marion)

  • Represents school district at all legal meetings related to truancy matters 
  • Completes and submits all court documents
  • Serves as a liaison between the district and the court system
  • Develops and maintains a database of truancy cases 
    Contact Bruce Gast, Assistant Superintendent for Marion Campus, 740-387-6625, for more information

School Health Services 

  • Provides school nurse resources to meet the needs of the district student and staff
  • Provides support for health-related concerns for family and district employees
  • Serves as a liaison with community agencies 
  • Serves as a consultant to the school Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)
  • Performs health-related tests for Multi-Factored Evaluation (MFE) reports
  • Provides documentation for district health-related projects
  • Provides documentation for mandated health education programs
    Contact Heather Justen, Executive Director of Student Services, 419-447-2927, for more information
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