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Classroom Supports

Special Education Supervision

  • Knowledgeable of special education federal and state mandates 
  • Provides special education consultant to district personnel, parents, and other stakeholders
  • Serves as a liaison between parents, district personnel, and outside agencies
  • Provides professional development to build district personnel’s knowledge of special education
  • Assists district with reports to the Ohio Department of Education
  • Completes student observations to assist with developing the evaluation team report and  appropriate classroom interventions 
  • Customizes support for special education staff and programs
  • Personalizes attention to district-specific concerns or questions

Classrooms for Students with Disabilities

  • Two cross categorical classrooms in Tiffin, Ohio - Intermediate classroom (grades 5-9) and High School program (grades 9-12)
  • Provides structured environment with various center-based hands-on activities designed to engage students in learning
  • Lessons are designed based on the extended standards and differentiated to meet individual needs of students  
  • Focus on academics, social skills training, sensory needs, language acquisition, and life skills
  • Instruction purposefully planned to lead students to independence

Behavior Specialist

  • Observes students with severe behavior problems in various settings
  • Collaborates with district staff and parents to identify specific problem areas
  • Completes a functional behavior assessment to determine the student's motivation for the behavior 
  • Develops and presents behavior plans for the district staff to follow
  • Follows up with the district staff on progress
  • Collects and graphs data if requested
  • Provides professional development 


Intervention Specialist

  • Writes the student's individual educational program (IEP) in collaboration with general education teachers and related services personnel
  • Works collaboratively with general education teachers to develop classroom intervention strategies and modify assignments
  • Communicates regularly with parents and professional staff regarding the educational, social, and personal needs of the student
  • Assists each student in working toward independence

Emotional and Behavioral Supports

  • Two classrooms in Tiffin, Ohio for Primary and Secondary-aged students
  • Provides students a small classroom environment to promote success both academically and emotionally
  • Purposeful, direct instruction to meet each student at their level
  • Overall goal is to prepare the student to transition back to their home school district
  • Provides all related services on-site (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language therapy, etc...)


  • Performs basic hearing and vision screenings
  • Coordinates and conducts immunization audits 
  • Renders first aide to ill and injured students
  • Follows protocols and safety precautions on health issues
  • Performs and/or monitors a variety of health related services to children
  • Assists students with medication as prescribed by a physician 
  • Maintains appropriate communication with district personnel and parents/guardians regarding student health status 
  • Writes individual health plans for students with on-going health issues
  • Inspects and evaluates children and school personnel for communicable diseases 
  • Oversees health aides
  • Specifically focuses on the health needs in the district

Health Attendants

  • Attendants are licensed practical nurses (LPN) who provide support for students with significant health concerns that require a health attendant to be with the student throughout the school day.
  • Health attendants are supervised by Health Consultants who are registered nurses (RN).

Adapted Physical Education (APE)

  • Provides individualized physical education instruction or services to students with exceptional physical needs due to gross motor developmental delays or other impairments
  • Collaborates with physical education teachers and intervention specialists on developing instruction
  • Completes various sections of initial and re-evaluations when needed
  • Assists with writing IEP
  • Advocates for students


  • These aides assist teachers in classrooms with monitoring students’ academic understanding, providing addition assistance with student focus.
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