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Psychology Services

Academic Assessors

  • Coordinates testing with district personnel 
  • Provides support to school psychologists by administering academic standardized testing 
  • Summarizes results in a written report
  • Assists the school psychologist in completing record reviews for evaluation team reports
  • Cost-effective support services for school psychologists 
  • Helps to ensure the district is compliant with the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Improvement Act (IDEA) Guidelines and time requirements

School Psychology

  • Conducts observations, assessments, BIPs and evaluations to meet the state and federal time requirements
  • Investigates and develops information about educational and mental health issues of children and the impact on their learning
  • Provides an in-depth knowledge regarding problem solving strategies and data collection 
  • Works collaboratively with parents, educators and community-based professionals to meet student needs
  • Provides support in academic and behavioral interventions 
  • Analyzes RTI data 
  • Provides special education consultation 
  • Provides staff in-service training on specific topics
  • Gathers information to make informed special education decisions 
  • Leads the evaluation team to ensure compliant evaluation paperwork 
  • Trained as school psychologist with in-depth training in learning, behavior and educational needs 
  • Participates/facilitates eligibility decisions 
  • Knowledgeable of special education federal and state mandates

School Psychologist

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