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Occupational Therapy

  • Qualified therapists who understand special education law and implement best practices based on current research
  • Evaluates students, collects data, interprets results, develops evaluation results and IEP goals when applicable
  • Develops interventions to meet the student’s individual fine motor need
  • Collaborates and consults with staff and parents to ensure the student’s educational plan is implemented as written
  • Provides assistance in the identification of the adaptive equipment, environmental modifications and alternative methods necessary to support a child’s functioning 
  • Therapists understand the difference between school-based and clinical-based therapy
  • A variety of delivery models are available including individual, group, and consultation services

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

  • Provides quality therapists with an understanding of special education mandates
  • Designs and adapts equipment to improve postural support, facilitates functional movement and increases independence  within the school environment 
  • Conducts evaluations and creates goals to improve gross motor movement
  • Provides therapeutic educational interventions for motor development, mobility and movement skills, balance, strength and coordination
  • Collaborates with district and medical personnel to develop a plan based on the performance data

Physical Therapy

Speech and Language

  • Provides therapy designed to improve communication disorders as they affect educational performance
  • Maintains compliance with federal and state special education laws
  • Provides assessment and diagnostic services to identify student delays in speech and language
  • Collaborates with district personnel, parents and other providers to develop interventions
  • Provides professional development support to district personnel as needed for speech and language communication 
  • Creates Individual Educational Plans for students with speech and language delays


  • Networks with other therapists, district personnel, other related service providers
  • Services are provided to students and districts on an as needed basis (full-time or part-time)

Speech and Language Therapy

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