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Telephone:    NCOESC Tiffin Campus   419-447-2927

                            NCOESC Marion Campus   740-387-6625

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Staff Directory


First Name Last Name Email Phone Position Building
Brenda Luhring 419-447-2927 Superintendent/CEO NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Jennifer Hedrick 419-447-2927 Treasurer/CFO NCOESC Tiffin
Jeffrey McCuen Treasurer/CFO
Bruce Gast 740-625-6625 Assistant Superintendent NCOESC Marion Campus
Heather Justen 419-447-2927 Executive Director of Student Services NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Dr. Kristi Graves 419-447-2927 Executive Director of Curriculum & Learning NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Debbie Huffman 419-447-2927 Business Director NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Kathy Mohr 419-447-2927 Director of Professional Development & Partnerships NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Kristin Johnson 419-447-2927 Assistant Treasurer NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Lynette Cameron 419-447-2927 Assistant Treasurer NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Tim Chaney 419-447-2927 Director of Buildings and Grounds NCOESC Tiffin Campus
John Davoli 419-447-2927 Director of NCORcog NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Kim Fisher 419-447-2927 Director of Human Resources NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Cynthia Moore 419-447-2927 Special Education Supervisor NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Kim Pachis 419-447-2927 Special Education Supervisor NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Brian Rupp 419-447-2927 Director of Technology NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Dawn Waddell 740-625-6625 Director of Community Schools NCOESC Marion Campus
Steve Snavely Board President
Pamela Pinney Board Vice President
Brenda Adams Special Ed Supervisor NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Amy Akers 419-447-2927 Educational Consultant NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Carissa Allen 419-447-7852 Educational Aide Seneca County Youth Center
Sheri Lyn Allen 419-747-4808 Administrative Assistant NCOESC Longview Campus (SST)
Shyann Allen-Sanders Paraprofessional Seneca County Youth Center
Dawn Arbogast Preschool Aide New Riegel Elementary School
Eve Bartlett Cross Categorical Paraprofessional Fremont City Schools
Eric Basinger 419-448-5079 Preschool Teacher, Special Needs Family Learning Center
Virginia "Ginni" Beaston Wraparound Coordinator Family Children First Council
Diane Beck 419-332-8221 Paraprofessional-Cross Categorical 7-12 Fremont Ross HS
Holly Bender MD ParaProfessional Fremont Middle School
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