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Staff Directory


First Name Last Name Email Phone Position Building
Lori Brown Paraprofessional Lutz Elementary
Lynette Cameron 419-447-2927 Assistant Treasurer NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Lynn Mullins 419-447-2927 Educational Consultant
Madelynn Long 419-447-2927 Occupational Therapist NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Madison Benavides Intervention Specialist
Madison Sayre Related Services Aide
Mariah Parish Preschool Para Fremont City Schools
Marie McCormack 419-332-7351 Paraprofessional 7-12 Fremont Ross HS
Mary Inmon-Teglovic 419-447-2927 Educational Consultant NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Mary Smith Receptionist Family Learning Center
Mary Jo Roeder Special Education Teacher Tiffin Noble 4-5
Mary Jo Rodriguez 419-332-7351 Paraprofessional K-6 Otis Elementary
Mary Lou Coe Bus Aide Fremont City Bus Garage
MaryAnn Kaple Gifted Teacher Mohawk Local Schools
Matthew Coleman Mentor Manager - SMYL Family Children First Council
Matthew Wolph 419-448-5786 Director-Tiffin NCA North Central Academy
McKenzie Blair Speech Therapist Multiple Districts
Melinda Bennett Student Attendant Wynford Local Schools
Melissa Rosenberger Interpreter Gibsonburg EVSD
Melissa Tuttle 419-447-2927 Psychologist/BCBA NCOESC Tiffin
Michael Zellner 419-448-5079 Itinerant Preschool Teacher Family Learning Center
Michael Paolella Teacher's Aide
Michael Hebenthal NCOESC Mansfield
Michala Mohr Health Consultant NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Michele Spencer 419-447-2927 Special Education Consultant NCOESC Tiffin
Michelle Rose-Ransome 419-447-2927 Educational Consultant NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Michelle Smaltz TDC Aide Tiffin Developmental Center
Michelle Schafer 419-447-2927 Assistant to the Treasurer NCOESC Tiffin Campus
Michelle Johnston Health Consultant
Mick Landon Board Member
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