Gifted Education Services

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North Central Ohio ESC offers gifted consulting and coordinator services which may include:

  •     Ensure district policies, procedures and programs are in compliance with the Ohio Administrative Code
  •     Identify and notify districts of gifted students
  •     Assist districts in designing a continuum of services that align with best practices in Gifted Education
  •     Assist with planning and delivery of professional development to align with policy in the Gifted Operating Standards
  •     Assist with the writing of Written Education Plans (WEP) and Written Acceleration Plans (WAP)
  •     Assist in the interpretation of Gifted Report Card Data and make recommendations to assist with improvement in Gifted Education within the districts

For more information:
Lindsay Felske
Gifted Education/Educational Consultant



  •     Resource room/pullout services
  •     Co-teaching in a general education setting
  •     Provides regular classroom teachers with information on servicing students in the regular classroom for students who are identified, but not receiving any other service
  •     Enrichment activities
  •     Mentorships
  •     Men's and Women's Seminars
  •     Staff Development (Professional Development)
  •     Written Education Plans (WEP)
  •     Written Acceleration Plans (WAP)

Special Programming

  •     Franklin B. Walter Awards
  •     Harry Alexander Music Festival (Marion County)
  •     High School Quiz Bowl
  •     Junior High Quiz Bowl
  •     National Honor Society (Marion County)
  •     National Machinery Awards (Seneca County)
  •     Spelling Bee
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