Specialized Services


Administrative Networking

  • Provides presentations from educational agencies of community organizations that support school programs
  • Facilitates discussions regarding local, state, and federal educational mandates
  • Provides up-to-date information relative to educational topics
  • Provides an arena of discussion of instructional and behavioral strategies
  • Provides administrators a support network including other educational leaders

Bus Driver Services

  •     Provides professional development to meet annual bus driver training requirements
  •     Provides a list of approved medical facilities for annual physicals
  •     Updates database for tracking recertification
  •     Provides "Certificates of Attendance" for bus driver training in-service

Contact Julie Carlyle for more information, 740-387-6625

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Resident Educator Program

   Visit the ODE website for more information on the Resident Educator Program
    NCOESC offers professional development opportunities for this program.
    Contact Dr. Kristi Graves for more information

Administrative Searches

  •     Establishes criteria with the Board of Education to develop an outline for the search
  •     Surveys district needs and establishes goals for the administrative search
  •     Creates a strategy to inform possible candidates of the vacancy
  •     Develops a marketing plan to recruit highly qualified candidates
  •     Contacts, screens, and schedules applicant interviews as appropriate
  •     Informs all applicants of the status of the interview process as needed
  •     Develops interview questions in conjunction with the Board of Education
  •     Conducts reference checks of candidates

Contact Ms. Brenda Luhring, Superintendent/CEO, for more information 419-447-2927

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BCI/FBI Background Checks

  • Provides districts with state-mandated criminal background checks for potential district employees
  • Reports can be electronically coded to be sent to the Ohio Department of Education
  • Results can be designated to be sent to the district or requesting agency

Contact Deb Karcher at the Tiffin Campus, 419-447-2927, or Julie Carlyle at the Marion Campus, 740-387-6625 for more information

Fiscal Services

  • Provides grant management/special project assistance
  • Provides fiscal-related consultation services
  • Provides fiscal agent services for programs/agencies
  • Contact Lynette Cameron, 419-447-2927, for more information
  • Community School Treasurer Services
  • Community School EMIS Coordinator

    For Community Schools, contact Dawn Waddell, 740-387-6625, for more information

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Attendance Officer

  •     Represents school district at all legal meetings related to truancy matters
  •     Completes and submits all court documents
  •     Serves as a liaison between the district and the court system
  •     Develops and maintains a database of truancy cases

Contact Bruce Gast, Assistant Superintendent for Marion Campus, 740-387-6625, for more information

School Health Services

  •     Provides school nurse resources to meet the needs of the district student and staff
  •     Provides support for health-related concerns for family and district employees
  •     Serves as a liaison with community agencies
  •     Serves as a consultant to the school Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)
  •     Performs health-related tests for Multi-Factored Evaluation (MFE) reports
  •     Provides documentation for district health-related projects
  •     Provides documentation for mandated health education programs

    Contact Nichole Miller, Director of Student Services, 419-447-2927, for more information