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Individual Educator Responsibilities

  •     Know when your license is due for renewal
  •     Write an Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP). A new IPDP is required for every licensure cycle.
  •     Obtain the LPDC's approval of the IPDP.
  •     Complete the planned learning activities. Ohio requires

         6 Semester hours of college credit or
        18 CEUs (continuing education units) or
        180 contact hours or
        18 CEUs (continuing education units) or
        A combination of credit/hours as defined by the LPDC between the date of the educator's approved IPDP and the date the license is to expire.
        18 CEUs (continuing education units) or
        The educator is responsible for making sure that the learning activities match the approved IPDP.

  •     Complete the professional development. Professional development will only count once an approved IPDP is in place.
  •     Submit hours for documentation. Keep a copy of the documentation for your records.

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