Services Overview

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We provide preschool classrooms for children with and without special needs, itinerant services, supervision of preschool programs/classrooms, and high quality professional development, all tailored to your district’s needs.

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Our highly trained special education staff receives ongoing professional development to stay current in the field, collaborating within and across disciplines to provide the best quality education to students.

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Our experienced Educational Consultants can provide your district with timely, relevant information from a range of Ohio Department of Education initiatives to help your district implement processes, tests, and systems effectively.

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Using Schools PLP as your digital academy learning management system? Visit us for resources to help your teachers, students, and parents get the most out of the curriculum.

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We deliver gifted services that enhance individual growth and development for students, teachers and families as well as assist school personnel in identifying, selecting and providing services and guidance for students who are gifted.

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We offer assistance in a range of areas outside of the classroom, including administrative searches, transportation, school health, and other services.

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Our experienced team provides technology services, technology integration and management, and training for educators using technology in the classroom.