Family & Community Resource Center

Welcome to NCOESC's Family and Community Resource Center! Here you will find information about our parent mentor, family and community liaisons, resources available to you, and more. Below we have answered some frequently asked questions about how our liaisons are here to help you.

amanda gase

Amanda Gase
Family & Community Liaison
Phone:  419-447-2927, Ext 128
Zoom Link

sandy hallett

Sandy Hallett
Family & Community Liaison
Phone:  419-447-2927, Ext. 145
Zoom Link

What is a family and community liaison's role?

Liaisons are employees of the NCOESC that work with school districts to enhance the success of students and families within our districts. Liaisons are focused on increasing awareness of barriers that impact student and family engagement in their school and assist in generating solutions to overcome these barriers.

How is the program funded?

The liaison program is a no-cost service for schools, students and their families that was made possible by federal funding known as the CARES Act in 2020. Currently, the liaison program is being funded by ESSER funds and has been extended through 2024 in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and The Ohio State University.

How do we utilize this service?

You can reach out to either of our liaisons directly to begin engaging in these services or to ask questions.


Who is served by this grant-funded program?

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